How to Use the Driveway Alarm System

Liz Lu

Driveway sensors aren’t just for driveways. You can place sensors all around your property. Wherever you worry about someone or something moving around, a motion-sensitive alarm is a great tool.

A driveway alarm is more of a motion detector and serves as a functional “doorbell” whatever happens around your property. And when you’re wondering how to use it effectively, we have the following 6 ways to use the driveway alarms for you.

#1: Securing your property

Some care about security and privacy and can't see the driveway. Some have trespassers problems without a gate or fence around the property. The sign or camera won’t alert when you’re not around the phone. Some live in countries that have bad wifi or electricity signals. By securing sensors to trees, fences or posts, you’ll always know if someone is there.Our 1/2 mile wireless driveway alarms would be perfect to be the first step or enhance for home security. 


property security


#2: Protecting your packages

Do you often get your packages missing?  Packages are left on your front doorstep and sometimes you don’t even know they’re there because the delivery guy won’t call or knock on the door. Packages can also be damaged by being out in wet weather for a long time. Using the driveway alarm, so when a delivery car enters your driveway or the person walks in front of your porch, you’ll be notified and get the packages inside home immediately to prevent package theft.  


protect package

#3: Knowing when family come home

By setting up a sensor along your driveway near your home or in front of the doorstep and garage, with a receiver at home you’ll get a notification that kids are off the bus after school, knowing when families come home safe and sound without worrying all the time or waiting outside.

#4: Knowing when friends or guests visit  

Some of our users have friends or family visit and it’s awkward without knowing their arrival. After having a driveway alarm system, they could happily welcome the time just right on time specially for the airbnb hosts.

#5: Knowing pets leaving the yard

It’s hard to know where your pets are at any time, and it only takes a second for your pet to escape your yard. Get notified when they leave your property, so you can prevent any danger.

driveway alarm sensor


#6: Keeping caring the seniors

Taking care of the elderly is hard to stay around all the time. Having the alarm system , so you don’t have to worry about them wandering off. Set up sensors near doors to let you know if the elderly have walked too far from your property and have the caregiver pager for them.

Which ways of using the driveway alarm system do you think work the most for you? We believe there are definitely many ways to use it. We would be happy to see our driveway alarms help you when you share about your uses on @hosmartofficial. Comment and get a chance to win the giveaway! If you don’t have one yet, shop the 1/2 mile wireless driveway alarm now.

You can add extra sensors and receivers to set different tones for each of your sensors, so you can know exactly which place got alerts. Shop the add-ons to help deter trespassers or enhance your notifications.