Why it's the Best-Selling Driveway Alarm System

Liz Lu

Everything starts with our founder’s story. William lost his grandma when he was a child. She was alone in home without alarms. Therefore, together with a group of experienced Motorola engineers, he decided to make home security products in memory of her in 2012 . Our brand “Hosmart'' is a combination of the words “home” and “smart”, which stands for making home safer and smarter. We mainly specialize in driveway alarms, intercom systems and smart cameras.

Nowadays, we have not only helped seniors live in a safer home but also hundreds of thousands of families with kids and animals, especially for the house with driveways in the mountain or country. Our 1/2 mile solar wireless driveway alarm system has been the best seller on Amazon under the “eMARCROS” brand. It is also the Amazon choice and Editorial choice on “Hosmart”store.

The biggest secret of us being the best seller is our dear customer, YOU. Let’s read more of their true stories.

We are so glad to see our products can help with solving their PROBLEMS.

“Our community has experienced an increase in porch pirates, trailer thieves, and mail THIEVES.”--Alice

“After a couple delivery guys FRIGHTENED my wife by tapping on the kitchen door at our new RURAL HOME, I knew I had to do something. “--Jose

“I live in the MOUTAINS and there are a lot of BEARS in the area, these motion detectors literally keep me safe! They warn me when there are bears on my property and where they are!“

“I receive multiple PACKAGES weekly and was frustrated not knowing what door packages would be delivered. Sometimes I need to sign for packages and would be anxiously watching most of the day. ” 

And the customer’s life becomes CONVIENIENT because of us.

“Now I get 3 distinctive chime alerts when the delivery truck pulls into our driveway and another chime indicating which door. These sensors-receiver save me a lot of anxiety and time. ”
“When guest arrive, I get notified as soon as they pull into the drive way ! Can be used as a motion sensor to detect animal movement in the yard too.”

They chose Hosmart specially for SOLAR POWER and 1/2MILE LONG RANGE

“My house sits on a hill up a 200-yard-long driveway from my front gate. I have tried several other brands of outside motion sensors but none have been able to reliably get a signal through the tree obstructions and inside my brick house from that far away. the Hosmart 1/2 mile wirelss range sensor has solved that problem, it works perfectly. I installed it just inside my front gate and it alerts anytime the gate is opened, or if someone tries to sneak up my driveway. ”
“I got the upgraded unit with the solar panel. I charged the batteries to 100% using USB first and then placed it outside, it charges using solar power. but the trees are blocking the sunlight. We were told by tech support that the sensor rechargeable lithium ion battery will remain charged for up to SIX MONTHS regardless.” --Johnson

They also like Hosmart because of WEATHER-PROOF, EAST SETUP, the SOUND and the CUSTOMER SERVICE.


“It is completely weather proof and squirrel proof unlike the previous one I purchased from another company. We love the fact that it works every single time even in heavy downpour.“

“This was the easiest driveway sensor I have ever encountered to install and operate, it took me less than 5 MINUTES to screw ( with a cordless drill) the sensor into a tree beside the driveway, I used the screws that were provided, they worked perfectly. “ --Oliver

“The sound is pleasant and adjustable not an omg that sends the dog running like there's a fire. It’s sufficiently loud to be heard throughout our 3 story house. I have them on DIFFERENT SOUNDS so I know exactly which one was set off. “

“I reached out that my neighbors have the same frequency. Which they were so kind as to send me a encrypted one for replacement! Apparently this is system has a LIFETIME WARRANTY, all they needed was my order number and address.”



Some of our dear customers even compared our driveway alarms with security CAMERA products and our competitors.

"This was an addition to go along with my security cameras. Instead of me glancing at my cameras all the time I can now relax and if the driveway alarm goes off then I look at my cameras to see what's going on."--Alice

"Your property is perimeter protected and your driveway can be monitored 24/7. I prefer this IR system as opposed to a camera because I like to sleep at night and not watch a screen. "

"I purchased two different driveway alarms with the idea of doing some comparative testing.The need to change batteries was my main motivation for buying the eMacros unit, since it should be more maintenance free. "--Bob

“We were using a ring doorbell camera but it stopped recording, notifications, and the batteries were only lasting a month before being changed, not what we expected. “



They keep buying as GIFTS and recommend us to FRIENDS and FAMILIES.

“Would I purchase again? I just purchased 2 more of these for 2 friends for CHRISTMAS. “

“ I have already recommended this set to a friend who lives in a rural area and has a long driveway (she's been surprised by delivery people on more than one occasion”--Jason

“I purchased one unit for an elderly friend so she would know when someone was in her driveway. Her neighbor thought it was a great idea and purchased a unit.”--Jay

So without further ado, let’s see why Hosmart driveway alarms would be the best-seller by yourself! SHOP now on our online store Myhosmart.com.