Myhosmart.com has two leading brands, eMACROS and Hosmart for home security and intercom system. Join us on our journey of making homes safer and smarter for everyone!

What We Do

Our technical specialty:
Home Security System
Wireless Intercom System

Our top selling products:
1/2 Mile Wireless Solar Driveway Alarm Kits and Extras (4-zone and 7-zone)
1/2 Mile Wireless Rechargeable Driveway Alarm Kits and Extras
Smart Wireless Security Camera
1/2 Mile Wireless Intercom System (7-channel and 10-channel)
Two-way Wireless Intercom System (6-channel and caregiver pager)

Who We Are

Behind the scenes at Myhosmart is a highly technical and professional team. A group of former Motorola engineers and designers have been dedicated to making homes safer and smarter since 2012. We manufacture our own products.

Multiple products of our eMACROS and Hosmart brands have won the "Amazon's Choice" and "Best Seller" recognition as early as 2017.  

Each year we serve over 20,000+ customers.  And we're ready to help you!

Why We Do It

Everything started with our founder, William. His grandmom passed away accidentally at home due to lack of home monitor products. For the young William, his grandma meant the world. She was his friend, caretaker, guardian and everything in between.
In order to prevent such tragydies to the other familis, William decided to make home security products. It also gave back a part of what William lost as a young child a sense of security and safety at home.

Why "Hosmart” 

"Hosmart" comes from the words "home" and "smart". We put the two words together, and we have the foundation to all that we do at Hosmart: making homes safer and smarter.