1/2 Mile 4-Zone Solar Driveway Alarm Kit
1/2 Mile 4-Zone Solar Driveway Alarm Kit
1/2 Mile 4-Zone Solar Driveway Alarm Kit
1/2 Mile 4-Zone Solar Driveway Alarm Kit
1/2 Mile 4-Zone Solar Driveway Alarm Kit
1/2 Mile 4-Zone Solar Driveway Alarm Kit
1/2 Mile 4-Zone Solar Driveway Alarm Kit
1/2 Mile 4-Zone Solar Driveway Alarm Kit
1/2 Mile 4-Zone Solar Driveway Alarm Kit
1/2 Mile 4-Zone Solar Driveway Alarm Kit
1/2 Mile 4-Zone Solar Driveway Alarm Kit

1/2 Mile 4-Zone Solar Driveway Alarm Kit


The wireless driveway alarm creates an expandable safe perimeter anywhere and is ideal for homes, worksites or any other property.
This convenient safety and security system uses passive infrared (PIR) to alert with light and sound patterns to identify which sensor has been triggered when vehicles or pedestrians approach.
Easy installation makes it simple to install anywhere like walls, trees, posts, fences around the property in minutes.


Solar-powered Sensor: The sensor can be powered by a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery besides the solar panel. It will work for up to 6 months after charging with the DC5V adapter.
Super Long Range
: Ideally maximum 1/2 mile wireless for the solar sensor and receiver, tested in severe weather conditions. The distance is double that of most competitor's. 

Customized Design: Brown color sensor is blended in the trees or fence around your property.
Customized Function: The sensor red light flashes only when you choose zone 1 or 2. If you don't want people to see it, choose zone 3 or 4.

Expandable: Add up to 4 sensors to detect motion in different areas around your property; add extra receivers to be alerted throughout your home.
Easy Setup and Use: Install in minutes. Supported by PIR(passive infrared sensor). Alerts with optional sound and light. Both the receiver and sensor have off mode. No Internet and phone connection needed. Works at night. 

Weather-proof: Industrial-grade PVC housing, rubberized weather/water-resistant seal for the sensor.
Additional Assurance: Two-year warranty. 24/7 customer service and technical support.


Dimensions: 5.6 x 5.2 x 5.2 inches for packages.
Includes: 1 sensor, 1 receiver, 1 AC adapter, mounting hardware.
Frequency: The frequency of the transmitter is 433mHz.
Weather Temperature: The sensor operating range is from -4F to 140F.
Sensor Range: Sensor detection up to 30 ft. The sensitivity can be adjusted.
 Sensor Type: PIR (passive infrared )
: Two-year warranty, 24/7 customer service and technical support.
Model Number: HS002

Zones: The receiver has 4 zones which support up to 4 sensors. 4 different tones allows you to distinguish which sensor was triggered and prevent interference from neighbor's sensor signal. The volume is adjustable.
Lights: Red light flash on the receiver shows the motion detection from the sensor. Blue light of the sensor shows it's fully charged. The sensor red light flashes only when you choose zone 1 or 2.
Power: The receiver can be plugged in using an included AC adapter or can run on 4 AA batteries (not included). Solar panel and built-in 18650 lithium-ion battery with DC5V adapter for the sensor. Fully charged and low battery alert included.
Installation: Sensor can be mounted to fences, trees, posts, mailbox and walls with included mounting hardware. Receiver can be portable up to 1/2 mile ideally without obstacles. Please make sure there is no metal interference. Set your sensor above the ground around 4.5-6ft high. No straight light or leaves etc to the sensor eye. The sensor angle affects the range.


@Sensible Prepper

 “When it comes to home security, to be forewarned is forearmed. And one thing I'd like to implement is driveway alarm. I' ve done a couple cheap ones already before but after a while they just seem to die. "

“This is a great way to keep you informed. Check out the driveway alarm for your security system. It just makes great sense!”

@DIY On The House

“Have you been freaked out by somebody knocking on your door? You have no idea who it was or you weren't expecting them? No longer with the eMACROS driveway system. If they show up, this will let you know!”

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Customer Reviews

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The sensors work as advertised. The furthest sensor is ca. 700 feet away, down a driveway that moves through thick woods. We have three sensors in place on this driveway. Some of the sensors work intermittently. This may be a temporary outage.

Andrew Strom

1/2 Mile 4-Zone Solar Driveway Alarm Kit

jeffrey schilke
It's not what you say it is

You call it the 1/2 mile, not even close ....My driveway is approx 800' from road to my front door .... Scanner is 40 foot off the road and base station is on wall as you walk in my barn. You occasionally get cars that drive by on the road and you occasionally get cars pulling in my driveway ......So unless you have another system with a stronger signal, I would have to ask for a refund of the 2 monitors I bought.

Solar powered sensors, Easy install & Great company to buy from

I live in remote Australia bush and purchased 1 base and 2 sensors. 1 sensor had been internally damaged in transit and MyHosemart was very quick to send a new one which is on its way. 240v power outlet for the base was included.

I have gum trees and slightly undulating land with no line of sight to the sensors. The maximum distance with constant results is only 200m = .124 miles most likely due to the trees.

The sun was triggering the sensor so I moved it to the other side of the road.
Different tunes is great b/c you know which sensor is being triggered… gratefully, mostly by kangaroos and wombats.

Early days, however, I love the self powering (solar) sensors which seem well built and rugged and very easy to install - just mount sensors… I would recommend.

Richard Bovaird

I ordered three of these unit’s for different properties and they are awesome.


 1. How does Wireless Driveway Alarm work?
The sensor has a passive infrared lens that activates when it senses both heat and motion. When the sensor is triggered by a person, car, or large animal, a signal is sent to the receiver in your home that will alert you with the sound you choose from the zones. The ideal maximum range between the receiver and sensor is 1/2 mile. The sensor has a maximum 30ft detection distance and the sensitivity is adjustable with low(approx 20ft.) and high(30ft.) mode. There's no wifi or monthly contracts required. Additionally, the system is weather-resistant and designed to work throughout the seasons. It works the same for day and night. It's perfect to be used to detect who's on your property, when the mailman arrives, and more, especially for rural areas with driveways.

2. How do I know which system works best for me?
All of our driveway alarm kits have 1/2 mile wireless long range for the sensor and receiver. eMACROS driveway alarm features solar and rechargeable sensors. The 4-zone kit has the 4-zone receiver(square and round option) which supports up to 4 sensors and the 7-zone kit also has two color options. The Hosmart driveway alarm has 4-zone kits (two color options) featuring a rechargeable sensor with better price.

3. Are the solar wireless driveway alarm and the rechargeable driveway alarm compatible with each other?
No, the sensor and receiver can only be paired if they're the extras from the same kit.

4. How are the wireless driveway alarms powered?
eMACROS wireless driveway alarms all include solar-powered sensors with solar panels and built-in rechargeable batteries. The receiver runs on 4AA batteries or AC adapter(included), Hosmart wireless driveway alarms include rechargeable sensor without solar panels but with built-in rechargeable batteries. The receiver runs on 4AA batteries.or AC adapter(included).

5. False alarm
If you’re experiencing many false alarms, it could be due to a few different reasons. Firstly, examine your sensor's mounting position. Be sure your sensor is mounted around 4.5-6 feet off the ground to eliminate false alarms from smaller animals, and not facing direct sunlight. Your sensor is automatically set at the pick up distance of 30ft, so adjusting the distance down to 20ft by the low-mode sensitivity can help eliminate false alarms(see from the manual).

6. Interference
Obstructions such as metal, brick, trees, or inclines in your driveway can cause inference. They reduce the distance the signal travels. If you’re not getting the sound from the receiver, the sensor may be too far away from the receiver to get a good signal under the interference condition. Adjust the position of the sensor and receiver to create a more reliable connection. Make sure the sensor is mounted around 4.5-6ft high.

7. What's the difference between the receivers of eMACROS 1/2 Mile 4-Zone Solar Driveway Alarm?
The square one is the classic version. The round one is a new version of design with higher quality. Both of them have the same function. 4 chimes on different zone and support up to 4 sensors each. Both run on the 4 AA batteries and have low-battery alert.  

Don't hesitate to ask a question in the Review section or contact us by email at service@hosmartmall.com. We'll get you taken care of!